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  • Publisher:
  • Murillo de Aragão

  • Editor-in-Chief:
  • Michael López

  • Editorial Board:
  • Cristiano Noronha
  • Thiago de Aragão
  • Lucas Aragão
  • Carlos Bellini
  • Bruno Vieira

  • Murillo de Aragão

    Murillo de Aragão: is a lawyer, journalist and political scientist, with a Master's degree in Political Science and a PhD in Sociology from Universidade de Brasilia (UnB). In 2007, he was appointed by the Brazilian President as a member of the Council for Social and Economic Development, an advisory board for the presidency composed by business and social leaders and opinion-makers. Dr. Aragão is a columnist for Conjuntura Econômica magazine (FGV), blog do Noblat, O Liberal (Belém), O Tempo (BH) among others. He was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Relations as a member of the Ordem do Rio Branco.

  • Michael Lopez

    Michael López: studied Political Science and Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). He was a contributor and editor of the Sound Politicks Journal of Political Science.

  • Cristiano Noronha

    Cristiano Noronha: is a senior analyst, with a degree in Business Administration (UnB), post-graduate studies in Public Administration (UnB) and a Master's in Political Science (UnB).

  • Thiago de Aragão

    Thiago de Aragão: studied Social Sciences from PUC-RS and is a researcher for the London Foreign Policy Center for Latin America in London. He is also Regional Editor of the Latin American Politics Journal and a research associate for the Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques in Paris.

  • Lucas de Aragão

    Lucas de Aragão: studies Political Science and Public Policy at UDF (Brasilia) and has taken several courses at the London School of Economics.

  • Carlos Bellini

    Carlos Bellini: political scientist, graduated from the Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) in Canoas-RS. Is an analyst focused on Latin America and national politics.

  • Bruno Furtado Vieira

    Bruno Furtado Vieira: a Law and Public Policies Master Program student (Ceub) and winner of the FUNADESP award. A former advisor to the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency, he currently translates for national and international publications.

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